Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Funny Things They Say

Last week I made no-bake cookies for Bible study and they were sitting on the counter. I went upstairs to get everyone up from nap and Annabelle immediately ran downstairs--I swear the child can smell junk food from miles away. As I am helping David and taking care of Elijah I hear a high pitched voice saying, "I take just a little bit, I take just a little bit." I knew she was in those cookies. I ran down the stairs and I see her naked--yes, naked--standing on a chair picking at the cookies. She turns around and looks at me, "I take just a little bit."

David and Annabelle are playing and David says, "Okay Sugar, I'm Shaun and you're Brittany--go get your computer." They love playing church. It is way too funny. They do the music and then David starts telling "people" about God. Sometimes he will say, "okay everyone go get some coffee and say hi to each other." I now realize just how closely he pays attention.

Tonight David was praying and he was so sweet. He prayed for about half the church--with specific needs that I thought were so sweet. I pray Dr. David helps fix the next owie--I am sure Dr. David will appreciate that. Then he prayed that his friends--Junior, Alice, Sugar, Elijah and Luke--will die to Jesus. I thought it was sweet that he prayed for mommy to feel better. After he got done he looked at me and said; "Mommy, I do hope you feel better." The best part was that he prayed for our house to be a church--lol. He is really praying more and more like a big boy and it makes me so happy. He remembers things he hears or sees and then he prays for that. I love it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


This past year has been a roller coaster of events. I honestly can't remember a time--other than my engagement--where I felt so lost and confused. What was--and is--the Lord doing with all of this chaos? Many times this past year I was forced to my knees seeking wisdom and comfort that only comes from God. When I heard this song it was as if the Lord was speaking directly to me. Maybe it is through all this chaos that He can be revealed in a deeper way.

Mam and Pa

Last night David and Annabelle were playing and this is the conversation I overheard:

A: "David, you be Pa and I be Mam."

D: "Okay, I'm Pa Beannie and you are Mam."

They play for the next few minutes referring to one another as Mam and Pa--I am laughing.

David then puts his arm around Sugar and says, "Come on Mam, let's go home and eat all our candy."

I about fell over laughing. If you have ever been to Pa and Mam's house you know just how much candy there really is........almost a grocery store. I guess things like candy really stick out in a child's mind.

2nd random story
Yesterday we baked cookies for David's teachers at school and then made little cards for them. D was so excited to bring the treats to his teachers. When I asked him what he wanted to write in the card he said, "I like that you teach me. I like chapel. I like to hear about God and Jesus."

Fun Times

A random shot of E but I had to include it.
They were having so much fun with the bike rack. Who would have known it could provide so much entertainment.
Love the cheesy grins.
They are always chasing each other--a constant race. The other day David was talking to Gracie on the phone and he says, "Gracie, I just want to be friends." Lol--so random.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Best Buddies

Crazy to think 5 -almost 6- years ago we were chanting "Logan" in front of Paul and Shelley's apartment. Today, we have a total of 6 kids between our two families.

The Johnson family has been a huge blessing to our family. We love hanging out together and often joke that Annabelle can marry either Lincoln or Logan. Too bad Lincoln says, "I don't like grills." hahaha. Maybe he will change his mind one day--he does have his arm around her. :-)

I love that my kids love hanging out with their kids. I pray that although the Johnson's are making a run from Sac our kids will remain friends.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brave Man

David's food allergies have been giving him trouble again. Yesterday he woke up only to tell me that he couldn't open his eyes--he couldn't. I wiped them with a warm cloth and he was able to get them open a little--he had to tip his head up and look at people. He was itchy and tired (Benadryl) but he didn't complain.

I called the pediatrician--she ordered him a few prescriptions--one of which is prednisone. I hate that one as it makes him very aggressive. He woke up this morning and I had to force myself not to cry and act like all was normal. He looked in the mirror and freaked out--asked me why his eyes looked like that. My heart began aching even more.

I brought him to school and when his teacher looked at him I could see the sadness in her face. She let him sit on her lap. He loves Mrs. Jessamyn and I am so thankful for her. I called the school to make sure no one was making fun of him--if so, I would have hightailed it back there to get him. He enjoyed his day at school like nothing was wrong.

The allergist called and we had to get some blood work. I was nervous. We met Glenn later in the afternoon to get the blood work done and David did great. I was so happy. The technician even commented that he did a great job and gave him stickers and apple juice. He was proud but kept asking me why they put a hole in his arm to get his blood--lol. Love that kid. We let him go to Toys R' Us to get a new toy--one from us and one from Grandma and Papa. He chose a dirt bike and an army set.

As we were driving home I was thinking how the Lord truly has given grace to David to be able to handle his food allergies. He doesn't complain, he doesn't cry, he just keeps enjoying life. When I tell him he can't have something he just moves on to the next thing. Every day I remind him that the Lord gave him an extra special job--a job that only God can give grace and strength to complete. His life will have many challenges because of the allergies but I am confident that David was chosen for a very special reason. He is my brave little man.

Monday, April 4, 2011


These two love being together. I went in one night and this is what I saw. There are times when they fight but when all is said and done they are still best friends.

Little Man "E"

He's a mover and a shaker and we love him to pieces.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite girls--Leah and Sophie. We were able to go to their birthday party this weekend and the kids had so much fun!! Picture overload.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Family Cheer

So--we altered an old high school cheer and made it our family cheer. We are weird and we do weird things. The kids love it!

We are the Robinson's the mighty, mighty Robinson's
Hey, Hey
Hey, Hey
We are the Robinson's the mighty, mighty Robinson's
Hey, Hey
Hey, Hey
Stand Up (clap, clap)
Be Proud (clap, clap)
Shout Your Name (clap, clap)
Out Loud

This cheer has been a favorite of the kids. The LOVE singing it--they are proud.

10 months

I can not believe in two months I will be saying that my baby is 1. For now, he is still 10 months. This month was full of exciting milestones but the biggest of all is walking!! Yes Elijah, you started walking at 9 months. I had hoped that you would be the baby who waited until like 13-15 months so I would have less chasing to do--ha, joke is on me.

Two new teeth--your upper eye teeth.

CHUNKY--you love to eat. I am not sure how I am going to handle a grocery bill when you and David are teenagers.

You wake up so happy. When I open your door in the morning you are all smiles (and a poopy diaper).

So far, David can make you laugh the hardest. You think he is so funny and he loves that you laugh at him.

You are really trying to keep up to David and Annabelle. If they are playing you want to be right with them.

You love to clap to music and bounce up and down.

You still love people but are beginning to notice strangers. If you are unsure when someone is holding you, you won't take your eyes off me.

You bite--it hurts--a lot!

Sugar thinks that you are her baby boy. She always wants to mother you and you don't seem to mind.

You are my 4th dream come true little man. I can't imagine life without you. You always have a smile and a "kiss". It is so neat watching your little personality develop and how you try to interact with your siblings. I love watching you three.


My sweet little girl does not have much grace. She is always falling and bumping her head. In the past week she has had three major injuries.

First one--Her and David decide to sled down the stairs in their toy box.
End Result--A black eye

Second one--She tries to sit on the edge of the cart at Target. She flips over the edge of the cart.
End Result--A bruise on her cheek

Third one--Her and Isabella fighting over the tray to her wooden high chair (sharp edges). Tray hit her in the head.
End Result--A bleeding gash on her eyebrow that will leave yet another scar.

She has no inhibition.

David's Funnies

"My brain is telling me it wants Chipotle but my belly is telling me it wants Subway."

"When I grow up I'm not gonna marry a wife. I want to live with you and Daddy forever, but Sugar can get married."
Apparently he wants Sugar out of the house--lol.

Today at church there was a man doing a presentation in the City Kids. Totally awesome--he built Noah's ark to scale with all the animals--it was AMAZING! He was talking about the food and he took out a bag of nuts to show the kids. When he did, David got out of his chair and made a run to get out of the room. Ronnie asked Professor Kuhle to put the nuts away because of a severe allergy. This made me laugh but I am glad that he knows nuts are not his friend.