Sunday, March 6, 2011

9 months

Moved to our new house--with stairs.
After 2 weeks he has learned to climb the stairs.
Started pulling himself up on the furniture and now cruises all around the furniture.
Beginning to sleep through the night again--I am soooo thankful for this.
Loves the swings.
Tries to follow his siblings--he can't keep up yet--but I know he will soon.
LOVES to eat.
Still a happy little guy--loves everyone.
Growing and changing everyday while I am falling more in love every day.


Always pulling himself up on things.
Always a smile on his little face.


Mrs. Kathy has become a part of our family. She is like a grandma to our kids and we are so thankful. Here she is teaching David how to decorate the pot--they even found a heart shaped rock.


She is a dream come true. I always dreamed that one day the Lord would give me a daughter but when I look at her I realize He gave me so much more than just a daughter. I love her laugh, I love her smile, I love her curly hair and the way she runs. I love how she wants to help and how she is independent. I love how she loves to sing about Jesus and her enthusiasm to pray. I love how she looks up to her older brother and tries to be a mama to her baby brother. I love how she is a daddy's girl but still cries for her mama. I love how she loves. She is my sweet Sugar!

Park Days

We have been enjoying the park by our new house--when it is not raining we have been there. The kids love that it is right around the corner from our house--mommy and daddy love it too!
Little man loves the swing!
All smiles
That's our Sugar
He never walks--he has one speed and it is running.
Look at that smile!
Playing spider
Just another day to thank God for our family. We are truly blessed.

Fun Days

Our kids love to go to the Fountains in Roseville. We love it too--Counter Burger, Whole Foods, Whole Foods play area, train ride, outdoor play area, and the FOUNTAINS.
Sugar watching the water.
David watching in amazement--they could do this all night.
At Counter Burger--recommend it--awesome! The only bad thing is that it is always packed. I guess if we are going to have to wait it is nice to wait at a restaurant where there are several attractions to entertain the kiddies.
I was blowing at E through the straw and he thought it was so funny. He even had the people next to us cracking up. Love that boy!


So thankful my kids have these girls as their cousins. We were all planning to go see Logan's play, Horton Hears a Who, but while we getting ready to leave some unexpected company arrived. The kids were bummed but had a good attitude so Tammy and I planned a little surprise after the company left. We went to Blockbuster to get a movie and CANDY. We made each kid a little bowl of candy and they all cuddled up to watch the movie. I look at this picture and my heart is overwhelmed with love for each of these little people.

Carnival Time

It had been a busy day of running errands but all the kids were good sports. We went from place to place with all three in tow and rarely heard a complaint. After the end of a busy day we decided a reward was well deserved so when we saw this carnival we parked the van and checked out the festivities.
David and Sugar enjoying a little car ride.
They loved the planes--especially when they went up in the air.
Love this shot--just a glimpse of our normal life.
I love this girl--her personality is a lot bigger than her body and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
This boy is my first dream come true--I love being his mama.
I loved the slide, Sugar loved the slide, David hated the slide. I thought his daring nature would be thrilled but he was freaked out by the slide.

It was a night of firsts. David has been wanting to ride the bumper cars since last year at the fair but he just wasn't tall enough. He has grown. Tonight he rode the bumper cars with Daddy and had a HUGE smile the whole time. He loved it!