Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Sugar

This day 3 years ago you were welcomed into our arms. What an amazing blessing you have been. We love getting to watch you grow and change every day. You are very determined and independent but you have a soft side. You love to be held and cuddled when you have your "bapoo". You talk all the time--very loud--especially in stores where everyone can hear you. It makes for some interesting moments but I wouldn't have it any other way. You hold your own when it comes to being a little sister and take the job of big sister very seriously. You love to make sure Elijah knows exactly what he is suppose to do. You are a helper--love that about you. You like to help in the kitchen, with cleaning, changing E's diapers, making your bed, folding laundry. Daddy and I always say that you would love to take care of the family.
There are so many things that I love about you and I want to remember forever so I am making a list of some so I never forget. :-)
  • Your favorite songs are Jesus Loves Me and You Never Let Go--you will sing these two songs all day every day. Sometimes I go by your room and you are laying in bed singing your heart out.
  • You LOVE babies--anything and everything about babies.
  • You love to change your clothes multiple times a day. You could care less if they are backwards or match. Today you put tights under your shorts--which were on backwards.
  • You would eat anything if it had ranch on it. You have been known to drink the stuff. I think disgusting but you love it.
  • You love squash, brussel sprouts, asparagus but will not eat blueberries or raspberries.
  • You giggle all the time and it is so funny I can't help but laugh.
  • You are always the first of the 3 to wake up in the morning.
  • If we go to the park you will be swinging. You love, love, love to swing.
  • Every morning you insist on dressing yourself, brushing your teeth and making your bed. You are very patient in letting me comb your hair--thanks for that.
  • Hair--I love your curly hair Sugar. I don't think I will ever cut it.
  • David and Elijah are your best friends and you love them so much. Whenever you pray you always pray for everyone in our family. It is so sweet.
  • You always say, "I big".
  • You want me to hold your hands when you go to the bathroom--funny habit.
There are so many other things about you that I love but I can sum it up by simply saying I love everything about you--you are my dream come true. Happy Birthday Sugar--thanks for making each day brighter.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fairytale Town

The kids love going to Fairytale Town and we love taking them. We enjoyed a morning of playing and then an afternoon picnic lunch. Simple summer days together are always a blast.


We had a blast hosting a luau at our place. There was so much food and CRAZY games. Annabelle traded her Hawaiian wear for her much loved Ariel swim suit.

Night with Daddy

Glenn took the kids one night and they went to get a special prize. Sugar got herself some new shades and D got some action figures.

Tea Party

Sugar got to go to her first tea party and she was so excited. She kept saying over and over; "No boys allowed, only girls." I fixed her hair and painted her nails and we were ready to go. It was fun getting to spend the day just the two of us. I look forward to many more tea parties with my girl!

Happy Anniversary (a couple months late)

This year as we celebrated our anniversary I thought about how much has changed since we have been married. I never would have dreamed that we would have three little peeps to adore or how much more I would be in love.

I have told our "love story" so many times and each time I tell it I find it hard to believe how crazy that time of life was. I do not know too many people who have a history of date, break-up, date, break-up, date, break-up, date, get engaged, break up, get engaged, get married. It was worth every bit of the craziness--mostly my fault--to be married to such an amazing man.

This past year has brought the most trials since we have been married--mostly health issues--all mine. There have been days when I feel that I have no more strength. Glenn sits besides me and listens to me cry, holds me and then kneels beside me as we pray. There have been days when he thinks I am sleeping but I see him kneeling beside me praying for me. He has been beside me I needed him most. He has pointed me to Christ over and over again.

The day that we said "I do" was the beginning of our adventure--and adventure it has been-- that I have loved every minute of. I am blessed to be married to the man of my dreams and look forward to spending the rest of my life with. I love you Glenn--with all my heart.