Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 of My Favorite Peeps

Warm Days

These two have a love hate relationship. Most days they are best friends but some days they wake up as enemies in World War 3. Today was a day of being best friends.

Friday, May 27, 2011


We were driving away from Home Depot and there was a band playing music. David was sitting in the back and he says, "Oh my mama, this is right up my alley."

At bedtime he told me that he loves me to the moon and the comets and the shooting stars times 7 years. When I asked him why he loved me he said because I take him places. Then I asked why he loves daddy and he said because daddy takes me to the park and plays with me. I then asked him why he loved Sugar and he said, well Sugar always tries to be my mom and she's not the mom. Hahaha

We were talking about going to Michigan and he said that he was going fishing with Papa and Pa Beannie. Then he told me that I couldn't go cause there were no girls allowed--only the boys could go.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mom. She is a true inspiration to me in every sense of the word. She has demonstrated to me what it is to be an amazing wife and mother. I am so proud to be her daughter. I love you mom!!

I also want to give a shout out to the 3 little people who have made me a mom. I have been blessed beyond measure to be called mama, mommy, mom, ma and any other word sounding close to the word mom--even a grunt at times. These 3 little people have changed me and challenged me in ways that I never dreamed possible.

David: You were the first one to make me a mommy. When I held you for the first time I felt this amazing love that I never knew existed; it was this all consuming love. Over the past 4 1/2 years you have become my little man. You make me laugh all the time and you are always up for a snuggle.

Annabelle: You made me mommy to a little girl of which I was so proud. I had always wanted a daughter and you were that dream come true. The love I had--and have--for you can never be contained. You keep me on my toes. You remind me of myself in so many ways but mostly because of your clumsiness--sorry sweetie. When I hold you I feel like you melt into my arms and I want to keep you like that forever.

Elijah: You have made me a mommy who is more flexible. All my ideas about scheduling were thrown out the window when you entered the scene. I figured that you would be my last baby and I wanted--and want--to treasure every last second of your life. When you were born I just held you and stared at how perfect you were. My nervousness was gone the third time around and I was able to just enjoy the smell of a new baby. I love how you give me kisses and how you lay your head on my shoulder. Stay my baby forever.

Mother's Day--all because of the 3 best little people around.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

11 Months

I am having a hard time believing that my little man is almost a year old. This time next month we will be celebrating his first birthday--wow, that went way too fast.

You are now the owner of 4 teeth--with two more on the way. You have your two bottom teeth and then two "fangs" on the top.

You are full on walking--I am sure it will be running very soon.

You are no longer nursing. This is bittersweet for me. I wanted to nurse you longer but.......once you got a taste of a bottle and realized that in little effort you could have your milk you no longer cared to nurse.

You are a very opinionated eater. You turn your head away to about 99% of the things I offer. You then grunt as if to show me your disgust.

As for grunting--you grunt whenever you want something. It is good motivation for me to become more diligent with the baby signs. You do "more" sometimes but way less than you could.

You LOVE your brother and sister. You follow them all over the house and want to do everything that they do. Tonight you were standing at the door to the closet grunting--as if to let them know that you wanted in on the fun too. btw--closets aren't playrooms.

You give kisses. I. Love. It.

You say mama, dada, David and Elijah. I am sure no one but us know it is David or Elijah but we do. You will go to the banister and yell David over the edge. It is cute and D love that you say his name.

You poop a lot.

Love the bath--I think you would stay in there all night.

You are more aware of strangers and will sometimes just stare at people when you are unsure. After a few seconds of staring you will give them your fang grin. Makes people laugh every time.

You love to laugh--especially at David and Sugar. They think it is great.

I say this over and over but you are truly a gift from God. You have made our family complete and we love every minute that we get to spend with you. We love you so much, Elijah!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Melted Crayons

We melted our broken crayons and made some art. David was proud of his work.

Today when I picked David up from school his teacher told me that she wanted to tell me something. My immediate thought was, oh no. Shame on me.

During chapel she said that one little boy wanted to lead the kids in singing Jesus Loves Me. When he finished David raised his hand and asked if he could lead the kids in singing This Little Light of Mine. He went on the stage--brought Nehemiah with him--and lead the kids in singing This Little Light of Mine. She said they were all shocked that David volunteered himself to do it and then actually did it. It shocked me too but made me so proud.


One of our friends recommended this little restaurant in Woodland to us. We had a coupon for one free meal and Monday kids eat free so we decided to try it out. We. Loved. It. The food was good but it was not the best part of the whole experience. The back patio was so perfect for kids. They had a little stream with fish, a paddle wheel with turtles, a little pond area, and lots of shade. It was perfect. We walked around and checked everything out then ate our food. When we left David kept saying how much he loved that place. We will definitely be going back.

Park Days

David climbing on the play structure.
She was proud of the sticks she collected.
I think this is a cool picture of Annabelle running.
Best Friends


You never know know how much can love until you hold your child in your arms.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Her little body holds a lot of personality and she can make me laugh any time of the day. Whenever she is trying to run the show--which is often--Glenn will tell her that she is not the boss, she is only two feet tall. The other day her and David are playing and he is not doing what she wants so she responds very sternly; "David, I 2 feet tall." Apparently she thinks being two feet tall is a good thing--besides, she is more like 3 feet tall.

Proverbs 3:5,6

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will make your paths straight."

These verses have been such a challenge the past couple weeks but also a true source of encouragement. Thank you Jesus that your Word speaks directly to my life.