Thursday, May 5, 2011

11 Months

I am having a hard time believing that my little man is almost a year old. This time next month we will be celebrating his first birthday--wow, that went way too fast.

You are now the owner of 4 teeth--with two more on the way. You have your two bottom teeth and then two "fangs" on the top.

You are full on walking--I am sure it will be running very soon.

You are no longer nursing. This is bittersweet for me. I wanted to nurse you longer but.......once you got a taste of a bottle and realized that in little effort you could have your milk you no longer cared to nurse.

You are a very opinionated eater. You turn your head away to about 99% of the things I offer. You then grunt as if to show me your disgust.

As for grunting--you grunt whenever you want something. It is good motivation for me to become more diligent with the baby signs. You do "more" sometimes but way less than you could.

You LOVE your brother and sister. You follow them all over the house and want to do everything that they do. Tonight you were standing at the door to the closet grunting--as if to let them know that you wanted in on the fun too. btw--closets aren't playrooms.

You give kisses. I. Love. It.

You say mama, dada, David and Elijah. I am sure no one but us know it is David or Elijah but we do. You will go to the banister and yell David over the edge. It is cute and D love that you say his name.

You poop a lot.

Love the bath--I think you would stay in there all night.

You are more aware of strangers and will sometimes just stare at people when you are unsure. After a few seconds of staring you will give them your fang grin. Makes people laugh every time.

You love to laugh--especially at David and Sugar. They think it is great.

I say this over and over but you are truly a gift from God. You have made our family complete and we love every minute that we get to spend with you. We love you so much, Elijah!!

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