Thursday, September 30, 2010


He is always there to give me a hug and put a smile on my face. He has an insane amount of energy and is rather skilled with the drums. He also needs your prayers. We are praying that the Lord would give us wisdom to help "D" with his food allergies and we ask that you would join us.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Surprise Ending

Not sure where he learned those moves but I do know that it was not from me.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A couple funny sayings.

After school today David informed me that he doesn't want allergies because he wants to be like a monkey and swing from tree to tree. I started to laugh and he told me that it wasn't funny. Since when do allergies have anything to do with monkeys?

Last night he was at Richard and Linsey's house and Richard told David that he could have the peanut butter car. David's response: "I'm not so sure about that." When Linsey told me that one I was laughing.

He really is starting to talk more "adult-like" in a 3 year old manner. He always says Annabelle is dramatic, a pistol, or a drama queen. I wonder where he heard that? For the record--she is all of those things and we love her to pieces.

I Love this Man

If you heard the way he reads a book you would be laughing. He never follows the story line and always makes up his own story. There are lots of sound effects and weird things (no other way to describe it). I usually end up laughing as hard as the kids and wondering where he comes up with such randomness. The truth is--just another reason why I love him--he always makes smile.

Monday, September 20, 2010

How Can You Resist?

This little guy makes me smile. Could I just freeze time for a little bit and soak him all up?

The Cut

To some of you this may look minor but to me it is rather disgusting. You see, I had put some olive oil in the back of the van not knowing it fell in the stroller. When Krista and I took the kids up to Tahoe I went to take the stroller out and the olive oil fell on the ground breaking everywhere. Krista, being the kind cousin that she is, decided to help me clean it up.

I then go to the front of the van and proceed to change a diaper when Krista comes running around saying she cut her finger really bad. She opens her hand and I see a lot of blood. I hate blood. I hate my own blood. I hate my kids blood. I make Glenn take care of blood. It makes me pass out when I see blood. The problem is that Krista also hates blood and is looking to me to help her out. No adrenaline kicking in making me be able to brave it.

I then proceed to run around the parking lot asking anyone and everyone for a first aid kit. Problem is, I hate blood and I have NO idea what to do to fix this bloody mess. Someone gets me a first aid kit and I attempt to bandage it--I should have taken a picture. I keep telling Krista that I may have to take her to the emergency room because I can't look at that mess.

Instead of the emergency room I found a couple of tough looking guys and asked them if they can handle blood. They say, yea. Whew! The one guy says he just trained for something in the army and he could fix that finger. I was so relieved. He fixed her up and off we went.

She was in pain and the cut hurt so I called Ruth to see if we could stop by for her to look at it. Instead, she told me to call Dean and stop by the fire station. We did--the medic looked at it and said, let me go get a band-aid. Really? A band-aid. We felt cool.

I'm just saying that it looks pretty nasty to me. Would you have got stitches in that finger?

Amanda--stop laughing at us.


If you know Annabelle you know why these pictures are funny. The girl cannot sit still. Every night she would climb up on my dad's lap--with her bapoo (not sure how to spell what she calls her blanket). She would sit for about 1 minute-or less--then climb down. She would do this over and over and over.

The other night I said, "Sugar, can mommy rock you?"

Her response, "Papa, toffee, hot."

Happy E

He's getting so big
Loved sitting with Grandma.
Grandma loved holding him--all the time!
With Annabelle close by he's not so sure if he should smile!

Annabelle's Birthday

This video cracks me up! I think I have watched it 20 times. Annabelle cracks me up over and over. She is so dramatized in everything she does. I also love how Ruth keeps randomly putting that bow on her head. I am wondering who put those hair ties on her pigtails........

Weekend Fun

I told Glenn last night that this was one of the best weekends we have had for a long time. Nothing all that exciting happened but we were able to spend a lot of time together and that is what made it so great!

Saturday night Glenn had planned to drop the kids off at a friend's house and then get dinner and go home to watch a movie. It was so weird going home without the kids. We did have E but he slept the whole time and we were able to enjoy a movie.

After church Sunday some friends took us to lunch--yay for Chipotle! We went home and everyone took a nap--awesome. After everyone was up we went to McKinley Park for a little bit. Great time with the family!

A couple funny things that the kids have said in recent days:

At church we were doing a Bible story about Joshua crossing the Jordan River with the Israelites. There was a picture of the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant as they were stepping into the water. When Annabelle saw the picture her response was; "wa-wer, oh my!" Ruth and I were cracking up. David kept calling the Ark of the Covenant the Ark of the Sea. Too funny.

The other night David goes to Glenn and this is the following conversation:
D: Let's talk about God
G: OK, what do you want to talk about?
D: How does God "beep" my heart? (beat)
G: He just does
D: Well, how does God get in my heart?
G: You have to ask Him
D: Can I ask Him?
G: Yea, you just have to pray to Him.
They did pray together. Glenn tells me--it's good practice. I love seeing how David is becoming more and more aware of God. When we are doing Bible stories he is very intent on listening and wants all the details. He has been wanting to pray more and more. The other day when he was praying for lunch he said; "...and dear Lord, thank you for Jesus." (picture him saying it very exaggerated.)

One more funny story. When David was suppose to be going to bed last night he comes out of his room and tells me, "When you leave I get very sad."
Me: Where do I go when you get very sad?
D: Like to the gym
Another ploy to stay awake considering that I go to the gym at 5 am long before he is even awake. I am sure he misses me so much while he sleeps.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Day of School

When I find my camera then I can add the pictures that I took of David going to his first day of preschool. Just believe me when I say he looked way too grown up strutting himself through the front doors with his Lightning McQueen back pack. We had been talking about going to school and how much fun he would have but neither of us were prepared for the big day. I stayed with him for 30 minutes and when I left he was screaming. At pick up time the teacher told me that he screamed until he lost his voice. I guess he also told the teacher, "Well, actually, I won't be coming back."

I have mixed emotions about this whole preschool thing. I know that he will love it and make friends but I just love having him home with me. The sentimental side comes out and I think that I will only have so many years with him and then he will be on his own. I can't even think about it without tears coming to my eyes. I guess this is how parenthood works--sometimes you just have to let go.

**UPDATE: As you can see I found my camera and uploaded the pics

Friday, September 17, 2010

Being Real

Today I am writing a different kind of post. This post is not about a fun adventure or a new milestone; this post is for myself. I just need to write down how I am feeling. I am praying that in 10 years I will look back at this post and realize that it was only a trial for the moment and that it no longer exists. Today, this trial exists and it is so real in my life. Today, my heart is heavy. It is through these moments that the Lord reminds me of several things.

Yesterday I had two conversations with two different people. The first conversation involved a pregnant lady who just got news of some possible complications with her pregnancy. As she talked to me and cried, my heart ached; I literally felt pain deep inside me. She said that she immediately started thinking, "what have I done wrong during my pregnancy to cause this." I reminded her of what I remind myself of on a daily basis--that sometimes things happen so that God can be glorified.

The second conversation involved a conversation about snacks during children's church. It went something like this:
Me: I can just bring snacks for my own class so you don't have to worry about it.
Response: That would be great because it will give me more flexibility if I don't have to worry about David. If I am in a hurry or something I can just grab whatever is available.
Truth be told, this lady is an extremely kind, generous woman but those words were a reminder of our daily lives and sent me into a spiral of thoughts. (don't you hate when that happens)
She kept talking telling me about how "great of a job" I do with dealing with it and how I never seem discouraged by it and how David seems to do well too. I just wanted to laugh out loud. I told her that we have adjusted and we have done all that we know to do to help him but it is also my number one source of discouragement and that it does bother David.

Now food allergies are not like cancer but they sure do feel like a terminal illness. Every single day I think about what I could have done wrong when I was pregnant or what I did or didn't do while he was an infant. It is a constant struggle of letting go and understanding that God made David the way he is for a very specific reason. I know the Bible verse, Psalm 139:14: "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well." I have it memorized and ironically it is the verse that I wrote on the first page of David's scrapbook long before I knew of any allergy. It is sometimes hard to accept that this may be to bring God glory because my earthly mind wants to figure out what caused this.

I hate when people stare at him in the store or ask me what happened to his face like he is not even there. He is there and he understands everything they say. He buries his head and hides his face. He hears me constantly explaining that he has food allergies. He knows he is different and when he meets a new friend he asks me if that person has allergies too. It's like he wants to meet someone like him. One day he told me that he doesn't like allergies because he just wants to eat the food. Every time we go to a party or bbq I have to tell him over and over that he can't have this or that because he is allergic. He looks at me and I know what he is thinking but no one else does. I can read his expression. Why does everyone else get pizza, cake or ice cream and I don't. I try to make special treats for him but sometimes you just want to be like everyone else.

Sending him to preschool has been a new experience for me. I am used to being able to monitor everything he eats and make sure that he is okay. I talked with the administrator and explained the allergies. I went to the kitchen to show him what David could and could not have. The first day of school David comes home and says, "all the kids got a sandwich (bagel) and I got an apple so I threw it away." He likes apples but not when everyone else has a bagel. The second day I drop him off and about 10 I get a phone call.
"Can David have Honey Nut Cheerios?"

I was thinking, are you kidding me the word nut is in the title but I was polite. "No, and if the other kids are eating them can you have them wash their hands before they touch him."

"Terri, David actually ate some but we washed his hands and are monitoring him."

I sat in my van scared to death waiting for a phone call to say that they needed to use the epi pen. Thankfully that wasn't the case.

David came home from school and told me, "all the kids ate cereal for a snack and I had to eat my water."

The third day he goes to school and when I pick him up he is rather excited and then tells me that he got to have applesauce just like all the other kids. Everyone thinks it doesn't bother him but I know it does.

It bothers me. That is me being transparent. There are times, a lot of times, when I just have to sit down and cry. I look at my son covered in a rash and constantly itching thinking, "why?" He takes a bath and often screams because the water on his skin hurts and I have tears in my eyes. He gets out and is covered in cream so we can try to heal the sores but they never go away. They get better but he never has smooth skin. I have heard people say he looks ill or like a cancer patient. My heart hurts.

Although my heart hurts, deep in my soul I know that God has a plan for this little boy. He may look sick but he never acts sick. He has more energy than I could dream about. He laughs so hard that I laugh listening to him. He always wants to snuggle with me when he wakes up in the morning. He loves Jesus and prays for his friends every night. He has forced our family to change in positive ways. Although my heart hurts I know that this is for His glory and that David was fearfully and wonderfully made.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our "Normal"

She has some spunk-- a lot of spunk. She is probably sitting on David or getting ready to launch herself off the bed.
Elijah is wondering what on earth is going on around him. Don't worry buddy--I sometimes wonder the same thing.
Yup, still wondering why I am laying here between these two.
Why is David smiling when I am terrified.
Thanks Mom, glad you decided to move me to a safer location.

Michigan Trip

David getting a pep talk about behaving on the plane.
Annabelle relaxing in her car seat. Considering she woke up at 4 am I am surprised her eyes were still open.
Acting silly on the plane.
Checking everything out.
Elijah's first flight. He slept on my lap off and on throughout the 3 1/2 hr. flight.
We made it to Grandma and Papa's house and Papa is trying to figure out how to put the swing set together,
This thing is a pain. He looked at us and asked, "Have we ever had a war with China?" We all stared at him like--are you kidding me-- but politely responded no. He then said, "They sure are getting back at us for something."
David and Annabelle happy to get some play time in after a long day of flying. For the record--the flight there was awesome. All kids were extremely well-behaved. The flight back to California will be another post itself.

This picture cracks me up.
Getting ready to get in the boat. David did go in the tube with me but after I explained what to do if we flipped he wanted to get back in the boat.
Another one to make me laugh.
Ellie acting all cool with her hand in the air. Later on that day she wiped out and had to make a trip to the e.r. for a torn tendon or dislocated shoulder. I don't remember the prognosis just that it was in a sling. I so wish I would have gotten an after picture.
I am still in shock that David rode the 4-wheeler with Charlie. I think most kids would be terrified of a big hairy man. Gotta love Charlie.
One of David's favorite things to do on our trip. Go on 4-wheeler rides with my Pa Beannie. They would go out to see the house in the woods--the deer blind.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Sugar!!

Dear Annabelle,

Today is your big day-a whole 2 years old. I say it all the time but time just goes way too fast. I am still trying to grasp the idea that you are 2. I remember when the dr. told us we were having a girl. I was so shocked yet so happy that I would have a daughter. I remember when you were born and looking into your eyes for the very first time; I fell in love. Now you are 2 and have changed so much. I want to remember this year forever and be able to tell you all about yourself.

There are so many words to describe you. Tonight Daddy and I were trying to think of some words that fit your personality. The first word that came to both our minds was stubborn. You know what you want and nobody can change your mind. You will scream--very loudly--until everyone knows exactly what you want. Tonight we went to dinner and a lady said, "such a loud voice for such a little girl." Not so sure that is a compliment. :-) As you continue to grow use your stubbornness for the Lord. Don't back down and be less of a christian because people try to persuade you. Stay strong and live for Him.

The second word I think of is dramatic. If you get hurt everyone for miles around will know. You cry and cry until everyone in sight has asked if you are okay. It cracks me up. The other day you were crying like crazy and Auntie Ruth asked if you wanted a cookie. You immediately stopped crying. David says, "mommy, sugar's being dramatic." I laugh all the time at your drama. Please do not take this character trait into the teenage years.

I also think that you are compassionate in your own little way. If Elijah or David cry you will start with this sympathetic cry. It is so funny and so fakey (if that is even a word). You always want to help with your baby brother, although you aren't always gentle. You practice on your own baby dolls all day long so you should have the art perfected very soon.

You are very "girly". You love shoes, purses, chap stick, clothes, babies, nail polish, and jewelry. you will sit in your room forever trying on shoes. You don't care if they fit you just like to take them on and off. I can't keep a pair on your feet. You have figured out how to untie double knots and always get them off. Whenever we go to a store you insist (stubborn) that you need a purse, phone and baby to go with you. I laugh because sometimes all your stuff looks bigger than you.

Above all Annabelle you are perfect. By perfect I do not mean that you do everything right--I mean that you are perfect for our family. You are a true gift. Every day I look at you with your curly hair and big brown eyes and I just say "thank you". You make our home brighter and our lives happier. There are so many little things that you do and say that just make everyone smile--like the way you say horsie (ho-sie) and thank you (tay to) or the way you run with your arms tucked way up high. The way you follow your brother and try to do everything he does yet the way you are becoming your very own person.

Sugar--we are thankful to have spent the last 2 years watching you grow and are looking forward to many more. We love you so much!! Happy Birthday!

Friday, September 3, 2010

3 Months-September 4, 2010

It is so hard to believe that you are already 3 months old! These past few months have gone by way too fast--I have come to grips with the fact that you are no longer a newborn but now an infant. Here are the highlights of the month:

  • You are a super happy baby. You smile and coo whenever someone talks to you.
  • Sleeping 9-11 hours at night. I LOVE that you sleep so well because it helps me so much!
  • Hate--I mean HATE--the car seat. You will cry forever in that crazy thing.
  • Still wearing size 1-2 diapers
  • Mostly 0-3 months clothes but a few 3-6 months.
  • You used to be a slow eater but now you are fast--takes less than 10 minutes to fill you up.
  • You spit up all the time. Right now you are averaging 4-6 outfit changes a day and about 2 bedding changes a day. All of this because you spit up so much.
  • You have flown to Michigan and back and were excellent both ways.
  • You crossed the Mackinac Bridge and have been to 2 of the 5 Great Lakes. Although you have no idea and will never remember--you did it.
  • Have spent some time in the exersaucer and you seem to really enjoy it.
  • You are very alert and watch everything with your eyes wide open.
  • Your eyes are starting to change color--pretty confident they will be brown.
  • When you cry Sugar says, "E, otay. E, otay." She tries to take care of you. Although she isn't the most gentle caretaker, she loves her brother.
  • David loves you so much. He always wants to hold you. You seem very comfortable in his arms. He lays by you and talks to you all the time. He can't wait for you to play basketball with him.
  • This month has seemed to be the month of the most change. You are more alert and staying awake for longer periods of time.
  • You had your first day trip to San Francisco. You slept through most of it but I am sure you will remember driving around for hours--I know I will.
  • You love to chew on your hands. They are your constant source of entertainment.
Well Elijah, that pretty much sums up your third month of life. Every day that goes by brings me to love you more and more. I think the Lord gave you as a reminder of His faithfulness and goodness in our lives. I pray E that as you grow you too will come to recognize that God is good--all the time. We love you buddy!