Thursday, September 16, 2010

Michigan Trip

David getting a pep talk about behaving on the plane.
Annabelle relaxing in her car seat. Considering she woke up at 4 am I am surprised her eyes were still open.
Acting silly on the plane.
Checking everything out.
Elijah's first flight. He slept on my lap off and on throughout the 3 1/2 hr. flight.
We made it to Grandma and Papa's house and Papa is trying to figure out how to put the swing set together,
This thing is a pain. He looked at us and asked, "Have we ever had a war with China?" We all stared at him like--are you kidding me-- but politely responded no. He then said, "They sure are getting back at us for something."
David and Annabelle happy to get some play time in after a long day of flying. For the record--the flight there was awesome. All kids were extremely well-behaved. The flight back to California will be another post itself.

This picture cracks me up.
Getting ready to get in the boat. David did go in the tube with me but after I explained what to do if we flipped he wanted to get back in the boat.
Another one to make me laugh.
Ellie acting all cool with her hand in the air. Later on that day she wiped out and had to make a trip to the e.r. for a torn tendon or dislocated shoulder. I don't remember the prognosis just that it was in a sling. I so wish I would have gotten an after picture.
I am still in shock that David rode the 4-wheeler with Charlie. I think most kids would be terrified of a big hairy man. Gotta love Charlie.
One of David's favorite things to do on our trip. Go on 4-wheeler rides with my Pa Beannie. They would go out to see the house in the woods--the deer blind.

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