Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Sugar!!

Dear Annabelle,

Today is your big day-a whole 2 years old. I say it all the time but time just goes way too fast. I am still trying to grasp the idea that you are 2. I remember when the dr. told us we were having a girl. I was so shocked yet so happy that I would have a daughter. I remember when you were born and looking into your eyes for the very first time; I fell in love. Now you are 2 and have changed so much. I want to remember this year forever and be able to tell you all about yourself.

There are so many words to describe you. Tonight Daddy and I were trying to think of some words that fit your personality. The first word that came to both our minds was stubborn. You know what you want and nobody can change your mind. You will scream--very loudly--until everyone knows exactly what you want. Tonight we went to dinner and a lady said, "such a loud voice for such a little girl." Not so sure that is a compliment. :-) As you continue to grow use your stubbornness for the Lord. Don't back down and be less of a christian because people try to persuade you. Stay strong and live for Him.

The second word I think of is dramatic. If you get hurt everyone for miles around will know. You cry and cry until everyone in sight has asked if you are okay. It cracks me up. The other day you were crying like crazy and Auntie Ruth asked if you wanted a cookie. You immediately stopped crying. David says, "mommy, sugar's being dramatic." I laugh all the time at your drama. Please do not take this character trait into the teenage years.

I also think that you are compassionate in your own little way. If Elijah or David cry you will start with this sympathetic cry. It is so funny and so fakey (if that is even a word). You always want to help with your baby brother, although you aren't always gentle. You practice on your own baby dolls all day long so you should have the art perfected very soon.

You are very "girly". You love shoes, purses, chap stick, clothes, babies, nail polish, and jewelry. you will sit in your room forever trying on shoes. You don't care if they fit you just like to take them on and off. I can't keep a pair on your feet. You have figured out how to untie double knots and always get them off. Whenever we go to a store you insist (stubborn) that you need a purse, phone and baby to go with you. I laugh because sometimes all your stuff looks bigger than you.

Above all Annabelle you are perfect. By perfect I do not mean that you do everything right--I mean that you are perfect for our family. You are a true gift. Every day I look at you with your curly hair and big brown eyes and I just say "thank you". You make our home brighter and our lives happier. There are so many little things that you do and say that just make everyone smile--like the way you say horsie (ho-sie) and thank you (tay to) or the way you run with your arms tucked way up high. The way you follow your brother and try to do everything he does yet the way you are becoming your very own person.

Sugar--we are thankful to have spent the last 2 years watching you grow and are looking forward to many more. We love you so much!! Happy Birthday!

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