Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Day of School

When I find my camera then I can add the pictures that I took of David going to his first day of preschool. Just believe me when I say he looked way too grown up strutting himself through the front doors with his Lightning McQueen back pack. We had been talking about going to school and how much fun he would have but neither of us were prepared for the big day. I stayed with him for 30 minutes and when I left he was screaming. At pick up time the teacher told me that he screamed until he lost his voice. I guess he also told the teacher, "Well, actually, I won't be coming back."

I have mixed emotions about this whole preschool thing. I know that he will love it and make friends but I just love having him home with me. The sentimental side comes out and I think that I will only have so many years with him and then he will be on his own. I can't even think about it without tears coming to my eyes. I guess this is how parenthood works--sometimes you just have to let go.

**UPDATE: As you can see I found my camera and uploaded the pics

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