Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Fun

Little "E" with red eyes

Emo loving on E

The girls all wanted to help with the microdermabrasion (had to look that word up to see if it was all one word)

We were hoping they would all sit down to watch a movie--this lasted about 2 minutes.

Toy Story 3

The crew getting ready for the big event. Good thing Grandma Lois sent David a new Toy Story shirt that he was able to wear to the movie. Thanks Gram!

Super excited for his first movie at the theater.

Been buddies since they were a little over a year old!

David thinks Michael is his best friend. Michael is a great sport and entertains him.

Look Who's Smiling

This smile can make anyone have a great day.

I'm just trying to relax here.

Enough pictures already

Okay, one more big smile and then I am done.

If you aren't going to listen I will just do my own thing.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Glenn and his mom took the kids out to dinner. Apparenty David kept saying he had to "poop"but Glenn told him to hold it--hahaha. When David walked out of the restaurant this is what Glenn saw. The picture makes me laugh because David is all calm, cool, collected and oblivious to the fact that he peed his pants!

Funny Sayings cont.....

"I can't sleep because I haven't sit with you for a long time." He will come up with any excuse so he doesn't have to go to bed.

Happy Anniversary

July 16, 2010
We were able to go out and enjoy a nice dinner--just the two of us.

More Water Days

Trying to squirt me.

It was a lot of fun trying to squirt David because he kept laughing.

Annabelle loving the water.

He was eating on this same bagel for about an hour. I was beginning to wonder if he was ever going to finish it!

Enjoying a hot day in the cool water.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Funny Sayings

David's phrases of the day:

Wow, that's incredible! Referring to me cleaning the kitchen table.

You like how I cleaned up the house? This one makes me laugh since his "cleaning up the house" took about 1 hour to put away 5 toys!

Funny days

Pancake Thief

David always wants pancakes breakfast and will eat about 10 of them--maybe not 10 but 5 would not be exaggerating. Today I decided to surprise him by making his favorite breakfast--minus the bacon. He ate 3 pancakes before Annabelle woke up to get her breakfast. When she woke up I put her in her chair and gave her some breakfast. I then continued getting things ready for the day. A little while later I hear her screaming at David because he is now trying to eat her breakfast. I look over and this is what I see--I think she is afraid he is going to eat all of her breakfast.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Feel the Beat

Glenn and the kids were listening to some music and I walk in to see Annabelle sucking her thumb while watching her Dad clapping and brother drumming. David has drumming in his blood. The kid makes a beat on everything he sees--tonight is was between the desk and a Bible.

I think I see a habit forming.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Sleeping peacefully in the peanut shell--the only way he was happy today. I slipped it off for a minute, took the picture and then the crying started. Little E likes to be held all day.

Handsome little man striking a pose.

This is what I saw most of the day--a lot of crying. Needless to say--I am still totally smitten by this little man!

Friday, July 9, 2010

"Hold Me"

E.R. visits have been many this year. Last night as I was picking up Annabelle when David grabbed her arm and accidentally pulled her elbow out of socket. He kept saying, "I broke Sugar's arm." The Dr. at the er claimed to fix it but at 3 am when she woke up screaming we knew that it had not been fixed. This morning we brought her to the Dr.'s office and had it fixed for the second time. We then went to the playground to wait so we could see if it truly was OK. We were there less than 10 minutes when Annabelle tried to hit a boy bigger than her--we knew she was back to her old self. That girl can be a bully--must come with having an older brother. Tonight she said her first sentence, "hold me." Although she may be a bit of a bully at times, she is still our sweetie.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sleepy Time

After trying to convince us that he is not tired he always crashes. The boy cannot sleep without his "pigs"

Annabelle's necessities involve her blanket, baby and thumb.

Little E with his hands in the air. Exhausted after his crying episode yesterday, he has been sleeping wonderfully today.


The harmless looking toy box.

What was actually inside. Two kids who are capable of emptying the contents of the toy box and destroying the bedroom all in 1.8 seconds!

Sleepless in Sacramento

As cute as he may be he cried for nearly 9 hours straight yesterday!! I was so tired of the screaming that I nearly called the neighbor to come over and simply hold him while I regained my composure. After I fed him at 8 he was so tired that he slept until 3 in the morning. Funny thing is that today I am thinking that it wasn't so bad (hahaha) Maybe I am trying to convince myself that it is normal for a baby to cry for 9 hours. The truth is that since today is a good day I just smile and continue down this path of life doing the best I can. I read a quote today that said, "God doesn't work on sense; He works on grace. God called you......and He knows what He is doing." The truth is that He has called me to be a mom to these three and although there are rough days He operates by grace and gives me more than I deserve. Therefore, today I will be grateful.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hit the Road

When we can't find our shoes we know who the thief is---Annabelle. She is always taking shoes and trying them on her feet. The funniest is when she tries on Elijah's itty bitty shoes.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

1 Month

It is hard for me to believe that Elijah has been with us for a whole month! What a special blessing he is to our family. I look at him and can't imagine what life was like before him. I want to look back and remember what he was doing at one month old so here we go:

  • He is trying really hard to hold his head up and can for about a half minute before he comes crashing down.
  • Becoming faster at eating--for which I am thankful
  • He likes to lay on the right side of his head. We are going to have to work on turning his head so he doesn't end up with a crazy shaped head.
  • He spits up a LOT and has massive burps.
  • He fights sleep but loves to sleep in your arms.
  • No more swaddling--he breaks out of the swaddle.
  • The baby acne is becoming more evident. The pediatrician says it peaks about 6 weeks o not to worry.
  • When you hold him he likes to put is face right up to your neck--I love this.
  • He is waking up twice most nights but sometimes only wakes up once--yea!
  • He has found his fingers and puts them in his mouth.
  • He probably has no idea what quiet is--hahaha--considering David and Annabelle are always in his face.
  • Most importantly, he has won the love and affection of every person in our home!!
Happy 1 month Elijah Randall. We love you and are looking forward to watching you grow and change--just not too fast.

Water Fun

Today we went to a new park and enjoyed some fun in the water. David was hesitant at first but he ended up splashing around after a half hour. We were able to visit with a good friend that we hadn't seen in almost 2 years and Little E slept the whole time. I guess he wasn't interested in the water!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Drummer

Do you think he will be a drummer? Everywhere he goes he carries these broken drum sticks and tries to make a beat. When we are in a store and he hears the music he asks me if I hear the beat. I am convinced that he will do something with the drums!

Annabelle's Black Eye

Annabelle managed to get her first black eye. She was running and tripped only to land into the coffee table. For being a girl she sure manages to get hurt frequently. Maybe it has something to do with trying to keep up with her older brother!!