Friday, July 9, 2010

"Hold Me"

E.R. visits have been many this year. Last night as I was picking up Annabelle when David grabbed her arm and accidentally pulled her elbow out of socket. He kept saying, "I broke Sugar's arm." The Dr. at the er claimed to fix it but at 3 am when she woke up screaming we knew that it had not been fixed. This morning we brought her to the Dr.'s office and had it fixed for the second time. We then went to the playground to wait so we could see if it truly was OK. We were there less than 10 minutes when Annabelle tried to hit a boy bigger than her--we knew she was back to her old self. That girl can be a bully--must come with having an older brother. Tonight she said her first sentence, "hold me." Although she may be a bit of a bully at times, she is still our sweetie.

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