Sunday, March 6, 2011

Carnival Time

It had been a busy day of running errands but all the kids were good sports. We went from place to place with all three in tow and rarely heard a complaint. After the end of a busy day we decided a reward was well deserved so when we saw this carnival we parked the van and checked out the festivities.
David and Sugar enjoying a little car ride.
They loved the planes--especially when they went up in the air.
Love this shot--just a glimpse of our normal life.
I love this girl--her personality is a lot bigger than her body and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
This boy is my first dream come true--I love being his mama.
I loved the slide, Sugar loved the slide, David hated the slide. I thought his daring nature would be thrilled but he was freaked out by the slide.

It was a night of firsts. David has been wanting to ride the bumper cars since last year at the fair but he just wasn't tall enough. He has grown. Tonight he rode the bumper cars with Daddy and had a HUGE smile the whole time. He loved it!

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