Thursday, February 3, 2011

Last One

I completely forgot about this story but it is so "David" and it makes me laugh. When I thought about it I knew I had to post it to remember forever. A few weeks ago we were getting ready for church and it was dark in the bedroom when I dresses David so he wasn't really paying attention to what he was wearing. We were in a hurry so once I got him dressed Glenn put his jacket on him and they were off to get in the car--breakfast was in the car. I got the next kid dressed and paid no more attention to how I had dressed David.

Fast forward to church.

David walks over to me and in a very agitated voice whispers in my ear, "Why is my shirt purple?"

Me: "David, you look sharp. It's a nice shirt" In my defense it was a purple t-shirt with a black, grey, white and black plaid button down shirt. It DOES look really nice.

David: "It does not look nice. It is purple and purple is for girls." He is saying this while tugging at the shirt to show me how much he dislikes the purple.

Me: "Stop pulling at your shirt. You can't change it and it looks nice."

David: "This is disgusting."

Disgusting.........was it really that bad to put the boy in a plaid purple shirt? Being clear hear--the shirt DOES NOT look girly at all. Just to clarify.

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