Tuesday, February 1, 2011

David's Funnies

He seems to be obsessed with dying these days--maybe it has to do with the fact that Glenn told him one day mommy and daddy will die. Way to freak the kid out--now he's concerned about being an orphan and he's 4.

"Mommy, do you think when your heart stops beeping that you can hold me really tight so I can go see Jesus too." I just love that kid.

The other day in the back of the van this is the conversation that I hear:
David: "Sugar, do you know where your testines (intestines) are?" (Not sure as to why the sudden obsession with intestines, but he talks about it a lot.)

Sugar: "testines?"

David: "Yea, Sugar your testines are right here (and he points to the area of his intestines). When you eat too much food it goes there and then to your leg and your foot. That's why sometimes your foot hurts and then you can sleep in mama's bed"

Now I know the reason why he wants to sleep in my bed--he ate too much and his foot hurts.

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