Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday (a month late)

Happy Birthday to my dream come true--you.
I know it is a month late but with all the chaos I am just sitting down and reflecting on the past year of your life. What a blessing you are to our family. You have completed the Robinson family in so many ways and we love you to pieces.
You are walking--nearly running everywhere.
You love to climb--especially the stairs. It makes me nervous but I know that you must accomplish these skills if you want to keep up with David and Annabelle.
You love your brother and sister and squeal every morning when you see them.
At bed time you open your mouth wide and lean your head in when I say kisses. Then you get the biggest grin.
You are sporting 8 teeth.
You love broccoli and brussel sprouts--you and Annabelle are two peas in a pod.
When I say we are going bye-bye or for a walk you go to the door and start grunting.
Speaking of grunting--that is your preferred method of communication. I have been trying to get you to do signs but grunting seems to suit you fine.
You love the pool. You don't even seem to mind when David or Annabelle splash you. You just think it is a game and squeal.
You have made all the trials of this past year a lot more bearable because every time I see your grin and your soon to be afro I smile and can't help but to thank God for you.

Happy Birthday to the little man of the house--we love you!!

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