Wednesday, October 12, 2011

For My Memory

Today as we were riding our bikes to the park David decided to "pop a wheelie." Oh yea, the 4 year old has skill.....NOT. As he "popped a wheelie" he somehow managed to fly over the handlebars and flip the bike. I could not stop and ran over his leg with the bike cart. When I stopped I was expecting to hear screaming. He looked at me--no screams--and said, "next time I pop a wheelie I better wear a helmet." Is this a glimpse into my future?

D: "Mama, I got a cookie."
Me: "That's okay-just stay at the table."
D: "I got 2 more for my lego friends."
Nice try David--One cookie is all you get. I have not reached the point of insanity to believe that a lego can now consume a cookie.

One more funny story from the summer that I do not want to forget. We were in Michigan and had plans to go to the fair. The morning of the fair David wakes me up and asks how I feel. I tell him that I have a headache and am not sure I can go to the fair. He doesn't hesitate--just runs upstairs to Grandma.
D: "Grandma, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that mama has a headache and she can't go to the fair. The good news is you get to take us."
All I hear is laughing so I of course have to go hear what happened.

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