Monday, December 26, 2011


Dear David,

Happy Birthday buddy!!  As I type this I must say that I am shocked to believe you are 5. In some ways it seems you have been with us forever and in other ways it seems that just yesterday we were meeting you for the first time.  These past 5 years of being your mama have been the best 5 years of my life.  You make me smile every. single. day.
You have changed a lot this past year--you are really growing up.  With all your growing up you are still my little buddy, my dream come true.  You love to cuddle with me and I love it.  You will come up to me and say, "mama, lets cuddle." and then you will tell me you are my snuggle bug.  Can I just say that it melts my heart.  I always tell you that you are my dream come true--and you are-- but I love when you tell me I am your dream come true.  hahaha.
On your 5th birthday I want to recap a little about this year of your life.

  • You have a great imagination!  You love to tell us stories and they always have a lot of adventure--usually a bad guy and some karate chopping too.  
  • Legos are your thing right now. You will sit for hours--yes, hours and play with your legos.  You make and create all kinds of things.
  • Wrestling. wrestling, wrestling--if it moves you want to wrestle it.
  • Energy--that is the best explanation for how you operate.
  • You are learning to read and doing a great job.  Most times I have to make you sit down to do your school but you do comply.
  • Your favorite people to play with are Luke, Richie and Isaiah. On a daily basis you ask to play with one of these 3 boys.
  • You love Subway.  This trend has been going on for a while.  Turkey, bacon, avocado with lettuce and olives is usually the request.
  • Your favorite breakfast is pancakes and sausage.
  • You flew to Michigan twice this year and drove to Las Vegas 3 times.  You are always a great traveler.
  • You love to read books-- some afternoons we will sit for over an hour just reading.
  • Equally--you love television.  We do not let you sit for endless hours doing that but I am sure you wouldn't object.  Your current favorite--Busytown Mysteries and Cars 2.  I know you would love action shows like Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers but.......lets just say you may try to impersonate those shows a little too much.
  • You love music.  Auntie Maryn is trying to teach you a little piano and you are learning great.  You still say you want to play guitar or be a drummer.
  • Blue--you love the color blue.  This is a change because you used to be obsessed with the color orange.
  • No socks--you hate to wear socks.  Clothes for that matter are always an issue--you don't like pants only shorts and everything makes you "too hot".
  • This has marked a transition year out of naps.  You usually do not take a nap but once in a while you will give me a couple hour break.  You are growing up.
  • You now make your bed--I usually have to remind you but when I do you get the job done.
  • You like your hair spikey.
  • You do not like attention being brought to you at all. As a matter of fact, when we were singing you Happy Birthday you were hiding your face and it was only the 5 of us.
There are so many more things that I could mention about you David because you are so special to our family.  You have brought so much joy and happiness to the Robinson home.  On your 5th birthday I want you to realize how much you mean to us and how much more you mean to God.  Continue to learn to love Jesus and follow him with your whole heart.  All of the passion you put into life use that same passion to follow the One who created you.  I know you love God and I pray that the love you are developing will continue growing.  You are a very special boy David and I love you with all my heart!!

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