Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Birthday David!

Christmas Eve marked David's 5th birthday--hard to believe that he is 5 already. These past 5 years have gone by all too quickly.  We wanted to make his special day extra special and I think we succeeded.  He woke up to find that we had decorated the whole downstairs--complete with confetti.  He thought it was awesome.  Next, he opened his presents from family.  3 lego sets and a remote control truck--lets just say he was on cloud nine!  The anticipated birthday event was to go to the lego store and pick out any lego set so we waited for Uncle John to get here and then we were off to Arden Mall (on Christmas Eve keep in mind).  He had been talking for weeks that he was going to get the police station so I fully expected that the police station was the lego set he would choose--I was wrong.  We got to the lego store and after a lot of thought and consideration he picked the pirate ship.  I think it will take a month to put that thing together.  :-)  Next on the list--ride the carousel.  After we left the mall David got to pick where he wanted to eat lunch and Chipotle was his choice.  We picked up Chipotle and brought it home to eat.  While Sugar and Elijah napped we worked on the pirate ship--over 2 hours and we are not even close to being done.  After everyone woke up we went to see Grandma Robinson and then David wanted In and Out for dinner.  Truthfully he wanted Red Robin but it was closed so he made a second choice.  All in all I think David felt pretty special on his 5th birthday and we enjoyed spending the day celebrating!

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