Saturday, December 17, 2011

I haven't posted in a very long time--mainly because Glenn's camera is too complex for me to figure out how to upload pictures.   I will not claim to be a technically advanced person.
Life has continued to move forward and I continue to enjoy my time with the kiddos.  There are days that I feel like I am living in a funny farm but I would not change it for anything.  I love being part of the funny farm.  :-)

David has been doing great with his preschool.  He isn't eager to do it but once he gets started he does a great job.  He is starting to read short vowel words and I love it!  It is so cool to sit and watch him sound out the word and then look at me so proudly.  David has a tender heart and we are thankful for that.  He loves to make us happy and he helps so much around the house with cleaning up his toys and making his bed.  He continues to crack me up with the funny things he says every. single. day.  I must admit--my favorite thing about D is the way he loves me.  He always tells me how much he loves me and hugs and kisses me more times in a day than I can count.  It just makes me melt.  So thankful I get to be his mama.  I love this boy with all my heart.

Annabelle loves to learn!  She sits down and does her school work without argument--she usually wants to do more than I have planned for her.  She is a great big sister and takes care of Elijah as if he was her baby.  She has a great imagination and I love watching her play.  Her "sister" and "brother" are named Toota and Dawson. These two go with us everywhere.  She also is turning into quite the little cook and loves helping me in the kitchen.  Annabelle loves purses and bags with random toys stuffed into them.  The other day we were at the library and she had a washcloth and computer wires in her purse.  She usually has a washcloth (for her baby), keys, cell phone and chapstick.  She too says funny things each and every day.  I love how she comes up to me randomly and says, "Mama, I love you too."  I love that when she wakes up she grabs her "bapoo" and cuddle sup with me.  I am so thankful she is my daughter--I love this girl with all my heart!
Elijah is my baby and I can not say how thankful I am that he is part of our family.  The boy cracks me up.  He is a year and half thinking he can do what a fie year old can do--and he tries.  He doesn't talk much--although we know he can.  The words he uses most often are mamamamama (90% of the time), Christmas, all done, uh oh, oh no, esau and shoes.  I shouldn't be surprised that he doesn't talk much considering David and Annabelle do everything for him.  He love to sit on my lap or just have me carry him around.  If he could do that all say he would be a happy camper.  When we put him to bed he always blows kisses and then lays down.  When he wakes up he always puts his head on my shoulder and pats my back.  If David or Annabelle want to sit close to me he lets them know that he is part of the family too.  Right now he likes to play with whatever his brother and sister are playing with.  He plays cars, legos, kitchen, pushes the shopping cart.  I love that Elijah is my baby--even though he isn't technically a baby anymore.  I love holding him and rocking him before bed and how he is so excited to see me in the morning. I love this boy with all my heart.

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