Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apple Hill


So hard to get a picture of all three!

Who cares if they want a picture?

At least they are all looking in the same direction.

I love this picture of Sugar because it captures her personality to a t.

Even E is giving us a smile.

There's my cutie bug!

David was fascinated by the fish.

Checking out all the fish.

Having fun with his buddy.

Guess what is on his mind?

Sliding down the hill.

Watching the pony rides.

Her dream come true--she loves horses.

She is saying "ho-shie".

Petting farm.

Feeding the goats.

It tickled.

E finally discovered his toy.

D reaching for the apple.

Annabelle's idea of apple picking--eating them.

I love his chubby little hand grabbing the apple.

We had a great time at Apple Hill and look forward to going back!

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