Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Have Mad Skills

We went to Austin's soccer game looking forward to cheering the team on to victory. We should have "read the signs" when we got there and left. The game was canceled because the other team forfeited. Glenn suggested we just go home, but not me, I wanted to go watch the boys scrimmage (a.k.a., visit with all the ladies). We hung around and then when it was over I started looking for the keys. We walk over to the van and they were on the driver's seat. Like I said, I have mad skills. You would think that this would not come as a surprise to Glenn with my track record, but he looked at me as if he was in shock. I said sorry and he called Progressive. We waited.

While we waited in the parking lot Glenn told the story of me locking the keys in the car with David in the car. Horrible--surprised I didn't get mother of the year--hahaha. Amanda called and reminded me to tell Glenn that he should have known what he was getting into the first time he came to Michigan. I managed to lock the keys in the car at Tahquamenon Falls, which I learned takes nearly 3 hours for a locksmith to find. To this day my cousin Jake tells me that was the worst day of his life. Since that time I have faithfully locked the keys in the car several times.

While we waited Glenn had the kids do a photo shoot and in between pictures I let them jump in a mud puddle. Disaster turned to family fun time.

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