Sunday, April 3, 2011

10 months

I can not believe in two months I will be saying that my baby is 1. For now, he is still 10 months. This month was full of exciting milestones but the biggest of all is walking!! Yes Elijah, you started walking at 9 months. I had hoped that you would be the baby who waited until like 13-15 months so I would have less chasing to do--ha, joke is on me.

Two new teeth--your upper eye teeth.

CHUNKY--you love to eat. I am not sure how I am going to handle a grocery bill when you and David are teenagers.

You wake up so happy. When I open your door in the morning you are all smiles (and a poopy diaper).

So far, David can make you laugh the hardest. You think he is so funny and he loves that you laugh at him.

You are really trying to keep up to David and Annabelle. If they are playing you want to be right with them.

You love to clap to music and bounce up and down.

You still love people but are beginning to notice strangers. If you are unsure when someone is holding you, you won't take your eyes off me.

You bite--it hurts--a lot!

Sugar thinks that you are her baby boy. She always wants to mother you and you don't seem to mind.

You are my 4th dream come true little man. I can't imagine life without you. You always have a smile and a "kiss". It is so neat watching your little personality develop and how you try to interact with your siblings. I love watching you three.

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