Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Funny Things They Say

Last week I made no-bake cookies for Bible study and they were sitting on the counter. I went upstairs to get everyone up from nap and Annabelle immediately ran downstairs--I swear the child can smell junk food from miles away. As I am helping David and taking care of Elijah I hear a high pitched voice saying, "I take just a little bit, I take just a little bit." I knew she was in those cookies. I ran down the stairs and I see her naked--yes, naked--standing on a chair picking at the cookies. She turns around and looks at me, "I take just a little bit."

David and Annabelle are playing and David says, "Okay Sugar, I'm Shaun and you're Brittany--go get your computer." They love playing church. It is way too funny. They do the music and then David starts telling "people" about God. Sometimes he will say, "okay everyone go get some coffee and say hi to each other." I now realize just how closely he pays attention.

Tonight David was praying and he was so sweet. He prayed for about half the church--with specific needs that I thought were so sweet. I pray Dr. David helps fix the next owie--I am sure Dr. David will appreciate that. Then he prayed that his friends--Junior, Alice, Sugar, Elijah and Luke--will die to Jesus. I thought it was sweet that he prayed for mommy to feel better. After he got done he looked at me and said; "Mommy, I do hope you feel better." The best part was that he prayed for our house to be a church--lol. He is really praying more and more like a big boy and it makes me so happy. He remembers things he hears or sees and then he prays for that. I love it!

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