Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brave Man

David's food allergies have been giving him trouble again. Yesterday he woke up only to tell me that he couldn't open his eyes--he couldn't. I wiped them with a warm cloth and he was able to get them open a little--he had to tip his head up and look at people. He was itchy and tired (Benadryl) but he didn't complain.

I called the pediatrician--she ordered him a few prescriptions--one of which is prednisone. I hate that one as it makes him very aggressive. He woke up this morning and I had to force myself not to cry and act like all was normal. He looked in the mirror and freaked out--asked me why his eyes looked like that. My heart began aching even more.

I brought him to school and when his teacher looked at him I could see the sadness in her face. She let him sit on her lap. He loves Mrs. Jessamyn and I am so thankful for her. I called the school to make sure no one was making fun of him--if so, I would have hightailed it back there to get him. He enjoyed his day at school like nothing was wrong.

The allergist called and we had to get some blood work. I was nervous. We met Glenn later in the afternoon to get the blood work done and David did great. I was so happy. The technician even commented that he did a great job and gave him stickers and apple juice. He was proud but kept asking me why they put a hole in his arm to get his blood--lol. Love that kid. We let him go to Toys R' Us to get a new toy--one from us and one from Grandma and Papa. He chose a dirt bike and an army set.

As we were driving home I was thinking how the Lord truly has given grace to David to be able to handle his food allergies. He doesn't complain, he doesn't cry, he just keeps enjoying life. When I tell him he can't have something he just moves on to the next thing. Every day I remind him that the Lord gave him an extra special job--a job that only God can give grace and strength to complete. His life will have many challenges because of the allergies but I am confident that David was chosen for a very special reason. He is my brave little man.

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