Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mam and Pa

Last night David and Annabelle were playing and this is the conversation I overheard:

A: "David, you be Pa and I be Mam."

D: "Okay, I'm Pa Beannie and you are Mam."

They play for the next few minutes referring to one another as Mam and Pa--I am laughing.

David then puts his arm around Sugar and says, "Come on Mam, let's go home and eat all our candy."

I about fell over laughing. If you have ever been to Pa and Mam's house you know just how much candy there really is........almost a grocery store. I guess things like candy really stick out in a child's mind.

2nd random story
Yesterday we baked cookies for David's teachers at school and then made little cards for them. D was so excited to bring the treats to his teachers. When I asked him what he wanted to write in the card he said, "I like that you teach me. I like chapel. I like to hear about God and Jesus."

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