Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16, 2010

This morning we went over to Pa and Mam's place for a little while. I picked corn from the garden while Pa gave David and Annabelle a 4-wheeler ride. They love riding the 4-wheeler and Pa loves giving rides. They always go out to the "house in the woods" (aka his dear blind).

When we got to their house Annabelle took off for the living room saying Bebe. When she got there and he was gone she was rather upset. Mam called for Pa and as soon as he got in the house Annabelle pointed to his chair and told him to sit. She then climbed up in his lap. I tell her that I understand because when I was a little girl that was my favorite spot to sit too. I would pretend I was sleeping so Pa could hold me a little longer. The three girls (myself, Amanda and Krista) would always race to see who could get to him first. We usually all ended up cuddled on his lap. We are extremely blessed to have such an awesome Pa.

We then made the trip down to the county garage so David could see the multitudes of dump trucks, fork lifts, tractors and every other piece of large machinery. He sat in several of the trucks honking the horn. He even got to sit in A-133 (the truck that I used to drive). That crazy truck has over 200,000 miles and has lasted through several college kids. I'm surprised they still have it there. He soaked in looking at the drills, air compressors, torque wrenches and every other kind of tool imaginable. Needless to say, he did not want to leave. He loved Papa's work and even scored a new Peterbilt hat.

We came home and had Grandma Lois out for dinner. After dinner we went for a ride in the HUV through the woods. Sugar calls it the vv and David keeps telling me he wants to find a bear! Thankfully we haven't come across any bear--only deer. We had a campfire and made s'mores and then headed in to get ready for bed. There was no arguing at bedtime tonight. All the kids were asleep within 5 minutes of hitting the pillow.

I think we are all going to miss being outside so much and getting to spend a lot of time with the people we love. Just a reminder to cherish each and every day we have here in "God's Country."

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