Monday, August 9, 2010

Rolling Over

Big day for Little "E" seeing that he rolled over for the first time. He was sleeping on his belly and when I went to get him out of his bed he had rolled over to his back. It was actually kind of funny because he was laying there wide-eyed like,what did I just do.

The kids are finally starting to adjust to the time change, me too. It has been a struggle getting them to go to bed at 9, considering that is 6 in California, and it is still broad daylight here. We have continued the same routine of Bible story, songs, blessings and prayer hoping they would make the adjustment sooner. Tonight I put David and Annabelle in separate rooms to see if it would help and what do you know--they went right to sleep.

It was sweet tonight because Sugar said to me, "Bible read." I am so thankful that they are learning the Word of God. It makes me so happy when I hear David sing his Bible songs, although I have heard Zaccheaus about 10 times today, and recap the stories. Tonight he was praying for who he claims are his best friends--Peter and Michael. This makes me laugh because they are so much older than him.

We were able to talk to Daddy on the webcam today which was great. David keeps telling me that he wants to go back to California to see his daddy. Then he will ask me if I miss daddy and when I tell him yes he responds by telling me that he misses his daddy too. While we were talking Annabelle had a major meltdown and was crying for her daddy. She couldn't understand why she could see him but she couldn't go to him. Glenn said, "If I could get her right now I would." We are really missing our daddy. Counting the days until we can hug him again.

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