Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update on the Trio

He has been saying some funny things since we have been here. Today he told Annabelle that she was "stressing him out". Apparently, her playing in the garden next to him was more than he could handle.
The other day he was telling me that he missed his friend Luke and then asked me if I was missing Patrice--Luke's mom. I thought that it was sweet how he is missing his friends.
Tonight I was laying in bed with him and this was the conversation:
D: "When I grow up I am not getting married."
Me: "Hmmmm, really"
D: "Wait, when I grow up I am going to marry you. What do you think Daddy will say about that?"
Me: laying there trying to not laugh
D: "Will we have food there?"
At this point I was laughing and had to get out of bed to go tell my mom what he had said. He always keeps me entertained.

She has learned to climb out of the pack and play and consistently does this when it is time to go to sleep--yay.
She pooped on the potty today--whoohoo. She was super proud of herself and we all cheered for her and gave her a mini marshmallow. Let's hope we can keep this going.
It seems like she is starting to talk--a lot. Yesterday after I did her hair she got down and ran to my mom saying "pretty girl." I wonder where she heard that! I am hearing her say words that I have never heard her say before. Another funny one is that she calls Pa Beannie-Bebe. It is super cute and I can tell that Pa likes it.

He laughed for the first time yesterday. It was so cute. He has been smiling but to hear the laugh just made me laugh.
He has been sleeping 8-10 hours the past few nights. This is amazingly awesome. Lets hope this continues when we get back to Cali.
He has his Grandma wrapped around his finger. Every night she says--you need me to hold the baby and then she rocks him to sleep. It is so sweet and I am so thankful to have this special time with my family.

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