Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Funny Conversations

I must say that conversations with a 3 and half year old are rather interesting. I never know what David is going to say! The two most recent conversations were this

D: Why is Mam so old?
me: Well, that is just what happens in life
D: Oh, I'm not old
me: Is mommy old?
D: No, you're big. Pa Beannie is big, Papa is big, Daddy is big and Mam is really, really little.
Mam is rather short but she isn't smaller than he is!

D: I really love you Mommy
me: I love you too
D: Except when you say bad words to me
me: (racking my brain trying to think of what "words" he is thinking of) what bad words?
D: you know, like, go to bed
I guess he doesn't like hearing those words. Funny thing is that all this time I thought he wasn't listening to me and it turns out he was listening the whole time. :-)

Just a reminder once again of how much joy the little rascals bring to life. With who else could I have such enlightening conversations.

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