Thursday, August 12, 2010


Chrissy, Amber and myself (blurry --but the best picture I got)

Brett holding Elijah. I remember holding Brett when he was E's age--time goes way too fast.

All of our kiddies--it is rather difficult to take a picture when the majority are under 3 yrs. old!

"Miles may separate as life goes along but the bond between friends remains ever strong." This is a quote on a little plaque that my mom has at her house and during this trip it has been so real to me.

Yesterday two friends I have had since kindergarten, Amber and Chrissy, were able to come and spend the morning with us. I have so many memories with these two girls. We have been through brownies, birthdays and boy crushes together. We have laughed until we nearly peed our pants (remember the dance Amber?).

Now we are all grown up and have our own kids. Each of us live in different areas and live our own daily lives but yesterday I felt like we never skipped a beat and were able to be "old" friends once again. They were beautiful when we were younger, inside and out, and are even more beautiful today. I feel so thankful to have them as friends and to have been able to spend some time with them!!
Amber's oldest boy loved little Elijah. He was holding him and had the sweetest smile on his face. Then her middle boy Brandon was David's best friend--or so David believed. They both are allergic to nuts so they had a common bond--hahaha. The day after they had been over David woke up and asked if his new friend in the red shirt could come play. Then today when he was swinging on the swing set he told me that his friend in the red shirt pushes him higher than I do and then wanted him to come over. Apparently Brandon is now the "boy in the red shirt". All in all I think the kids enjoyed themselves too.


  1. It was great seeing you and the kids. Seeing your Mom's house brings back lots of fun memories of playing in the basement. :) And it was precious to see Brett enjoying your new little one.

  2. P.S. Check your email for snapfish pics